The Mechanical Basics of Hitting Golf Drivers

You will mostly hit your tee shots using golf drivers, so it will help you to review a few major mechanical basics of swinging those clubs. The mechanics used to hit drivers do not need to significantly change to apply to the other clubs, but they would be slightly modified. At this point, aim to make your driver swing as effective as you can. From there, you will have an easy time learning the tweaks needed to hit all of the clubs in a similar manner.

The following are the basics that you need to know when swinging your drivers.


driversthis is a tip that all beginner golfers should hear repeatedly. If you focus on your balance all through the swing, you will be ahead of the other players. When you swing a driver, balance is given even more importance. Since the driver is the one that creates the most power and speed than any other clubs, it also needs the most balance so it will be under control. You will surely fail if you swing a driver while off-balance. To maintain your balance while swinging golf drivers, have a wide base and athletic posture that lets you to comfortably twist back and through your shot. Avoid too much side-to-side motion during your swing, but aim to twist to your right during the back swing, and then promptly left during the downswing.

2.Stay Behind the Ball

on most shots, you want to hit down the ball and take out a divot from the grass after making a contact, but the case is not the same with drivers. When you hit a driver off the tee, you need to slightly hit up through contact. This attack angle would help in getting a good launch angle in order for the ball to quickly get up into the air and remain in the air as long as possible. If you hit down through golf drivers, it will result in a high spin and a low launch, which are both not good for distance and accuracy. At impact, try to stay behind the ball so that the club is tracing a little upward curve through the hitting spot. Certainly, if you have a good balance during the swing, this task would be easier to do.

3.Swing Through

whatever happens while you swing your driver leading to the impact, you need to confidently swing through impact until a full finish position. A lot of beginners think that because the ball is away, the follow though is not that important. However, it matters because it is a sign of the kind of swing you hit through the ball. When you swing aggressively and confidently, you can easily get until the finish. Golf drivers should be kept moving through impact without a doubt where the ball is going. Hit it with full expectation that it will directly fly to the target area. It is not easy to be confident in the golf course, but it will be truly helpful when you want to hit quality shots. The lack of confidence will be obvious in your shots if you are uncertain about your ability. Thus, swing all through each drive and keep your balanced finish right until the ball goes down.

Every point given is relatively simple, and not really about the complicated swing theory that a lot of new golfers get entangled in. There is a right place and time for swing theory, but beginners must focus on the basics. When you successfully accomplish all the points above while hitting your golf drivers off the tee, expect to have more good shots in the future.

Hitting Golf Balls Further and Further

Golf is a game that requires a lot of patience, and more importantly, practice. The golf swing itself takes a lot of time to master. It is crucial to practice one’s swing while hitting golf balls at the driving range because it is important to be able to hit the ball as far as one possibly can on the golf course. This is crucial because the lesser the strokes one has on the course, the better his game will be. One can say without reservation that the golf swing is key in playing the game of golf. However, there are also a multitude of small tweaks that one can do with other aspects of the game as well.

GolfIn addition to hours and hours of hitting golf balls at the driving range, there are several key techniques you can practice to further hone your skills and truly get maximum results. Golf is all about technique and the right equipment. The best equipment, however, will be useless if you do not know how to swing properly. Your stance and posture will also determine the kind of equipment you need to get. Learn about these two techniques to start playing at par on the greens:

Flexibility is important in swinging the golf club. The more flexible one is, the better the swing and the grater the distance that the ball will travel. Those who are still learning how to play golf should focus on developing the right swing technique. According to one golfing website, the shoulders should be perpendicular to the torso during the swing. Hip movement is important in this move as well. Training and practice is necessary to increase flexibility for the perfect swing. Spending time hitting golf balls at the driving range will help golfers develop this skill. The results will show in longer drives landing the ball closer to the green.

One must work on strengthening his hips to increase swing speed. This will help increase the distance of his drive as well. The right movement would be to put the entire body into the swing. This means that you have to use the hips to turn instead of the upper torso. To do this, you must simply lead with your hips during the upswing and downswing. Leading with your hips will result in more torque. This is defined in golfing lessons as the resistance between your upper and lower body. The more torque is generated, the stronger and faster your swing will be. The result will be longer and higher drives.

It is important to practice these two techniques regularly. When you have mastered these moves, you will be able to hit the golf balls further on the greens and would need less strokes to the hole. Heading out to your nearest driving range will allow you to practice your technique without actually stepping on the golf course. It would be quite expensive to play on the course several days a week just to get the practice that you need. You can also check if the driving range has a trainer or instructor who can teach you how to swing properly. A professional instructor will also be able to check if your posture is correct and tell you what you are doing wrong.

After you have had time on the driving range and you are confident about your swing, you can already take your gear to the golf course for a round of golf with your friends. Remember that you have to feel comfortable with your swing. Focus on what you have to do, but do not be too stiff as you go through with the movements. Golf is meant to be a relaxing game. It does not require strenuous movements or bursts of action. Loosen up a bit and just let your body and the club go through the movements. In time, you will be able to play the perfect game without breaking a sweat.